PANHANDLE, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Carson County had their jail and patrol vehicles cleaned today with a cleaning agent that can kill COVID-19.

Carson County had Americlean LLC Amarillo, a local cleaning business, come in and demonstrate the cleaning agent, Decon7, a disinfectant that can eliminate pathogens down to the molecular level. 

“Our disinfectant is very different,” said Dr. Mark Tucker, the Chief Scientific Officer for Decon Seven Systems. “It contains detergents that penetrate into the bodily fluids and actually let the disinfectant reach the virus and kill that virus. Where things like bleach are actually repelled by the bodily fluids.”

“We don’t have any inmates that are positive now, and nor have we, and it’s important to us to prevent that from happening,” said Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry. “This is one more step that we think we can take, one more layer of protection that we can do to prevent that from happening.”

Scott Woolery, a spokesman for Americlean LLC Amarillo, said the agent was originally developed for the Department of Defense and that it has been used by the military to combat biological and chemical attacks.  

Woolery said he believes Decon7 is the only cleaning agent that kills COVID-19.

“Decon7 is, as I understand it to my knowledge, is the only cleaner agent that actually kills the virus. Other cleansers will mask or just sanitize, but not actually kill the virus,” said Woolery.

Decon7 is currently not available in stores, however, Americlean LLC Amarillo is offering their services to agencies in the area. You can reach them at, 806-391-3031, or you can visit their website at