AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — With forecasts pointing to below-freezing wind chills and small flurries of snow, water pipes could potentially burst, leading to damage and flooding, said Carpet Tech.

The NWS forecasted below-freezing temperatures which could impact areas of the Texas Panhandle and Carpet Tech wanted to offer tips to prepare homes.

“Unfortunately, you can never be fully prepared for a flood,” said Stephanie Henderson, General Operations Manager, “but during extreme cold simple things like setting interior faucets to drip, keeping your cabinet doors open, and shutting off outside water faucets can help you avoid frozen pipes, which can burse and flood your home.”

According to Carpet Tech, a burst in pipes can happen when water freezes within the pipe causing it to expand, the added stress can cause them to break. Those pipes would need to be replaced before mold can set in by tearing them out of the wall.

“This week, we’ll see temperatures drop below freezing, which is when your pipes can burst,
causing a flood. With Christmas coming this weekend, it’s important to know how to prepare for
the weather before it hits, so you aren’t caught up in a disaster,” said Henderson.

In the event of a pipe burst, Carpet Tech said to immediately shut off the water and attempt to thaw pipes with a hair dryer or space heater before carefully turning the water back on while checking for leaks.

“The sooner you stop the water from coming in to sooner you can get to cleaning up and repairing the damage,” said Henderson.

Carpet Tech states that it is a 24/7 emergency fire and flood restoration company. Carpet Tech can be reached at 833-254-9210.