CANADIAN, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A big week in Canadian as the Capital Farm Credit Hemphill County Texas A&M AgriLife Beef Cattle Conference was held to discuss the changing markets, ranching, and beef cattle sustainability across the nation.

Throughout the next two days, ranchers and producers will hear about the latest in ranching and beef cattle markets and management advice from national experts at the annual beef cattle conference.

“The number one Ag district in the state of Texas is the 13th congressional district of Texas with more fed cattle and more beef here than anywhere else in the country,” said Representative Ronny Jackson.

According to Texas A&M AgriLife, the conference will include prime educational information, multiple trade show vendors, and the opportunity to visit and network with ranchers in a large geographical area, as well as guest speakers.

Some of the guest speakers at this year’s conference included Representative Ken King, Representative Jackson, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Representative Jackson spoke on how politics in Washington DC are affecting beef cattle producers. He said agriculture is hurting here on the High Plains along with everywhere else.

“We got a lot of issues with the drought, we got some issues that we were talking about today with over-regulation from the Biden administration, kind of the climate change assault that has extended from oil and gas into our ag with some of our farmers and ranchers,” said Rep. Jackson.

Rep. Jackson also spoke on international issues and how they can affect cattle producers back here at home.

“Also we talked briefly about issues overseas. We have China, Taiwan, Japan, and places like that. Big markets for the export of beef for our country and it’s really important for the beef industry that we maintain those export markets, and with the why the Chinese are threatening people around the world, in particular Taiwan, we have to look ahead on how that is going to impact our beef industry and look for other market alternative markets to make sure our beef industry doesn’t take a hit if something overseas goes wrong,” said Rep. Jackson.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke on his time during the Trump administration and took questions from the crowd.

He spoke on the importance of instilling hard work in younger people and how the High Plains has a strong work ethic.

“That culture of work and service matters and it’s places like this get it and I’m afraid in places like our big cities and other places in America are losing that central idea and if we do, inflation will be worse and America will be far worse off for it as well,” said Pompeo.

The beef conference was held both in-person and virtually.

Organizers added attendees will hear about new market opportunities, carbon credit information, new beef cattle promotions and updates from the Texas Beef Council, genetic advancements, cow/calf profit analyzers, a rancher panel sharing about grass grazing and animal management, and a live cattle demonstration on cattle handling beyond the basics and herd bull testing.

Tuesday’s event will be followed by a prime rib dinner and the presentation of the “Rancher of the Year” award.