CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The city of Canyon has experienced a steady increase in sales tax over the last nine years. This year the city brought in more revenue from sales tax revenue than property tax revenue.

Joel Wright, Canyon’s director of finance said they have been tracking sales tax since the 2018 fiscal year and have had an average of ten and a quarter percent increase. The funds from sales tax revenue have gone towards funding their general fund and public services.

“Over those five years each year that increase has gone from three and a half percent up to as high as 14 and a half percent year over year percentage increase,” said Joel Wright, Canyon Director of Finance. “We’re able to fund government services through that, which would be fire police, streets, all of that revenue funds, our general fund expenditures, which include those three major ones, and also administration.”

With revenue from sales tax higher than revenue from property tax, the city has been able to maintain property tax rates, close the gap between sales and property tax and allow less property tax to be assessed in the new budget year.

In 2018 the supreme court ruled that states could collect sales tax from online retailers such as Wayfair and Amazon. This increased individual sales tax revenue which means that even when residents shop online their city still benefits.

“Keep your purchases local and again, you can still do that by purchasing online if you’re using something like Amazon or Wayfair, if it’s been delivered to your home that sales tax stays in Canyon,” said Wright. “So just know that even though you’re paying more for things now, the sales tax with that does stay in our community and it does provide for services here in Canyon.