CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Sundown Lane Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Dana Kimmell had no idea her recent Facebook post would spread the way it did, growing to more than 40,000 shares on Facebook.

“I had no clue. I figured it would impact a few people in our area. I had no clue it would impact so many,” said Kimmell.

Kimmell said she was inspired to make the now-viral post in response to another post she saw on Facebook.

“It just was not positive and it wasn’t necessarily what was going to be happening in my classroom or what I want in my son’s classroom. I saw a lot of parents concerned about it and just kind of a lot of unrest happening and so I wanted to put my take out there,” said Kimmell.

Kimmell’s Facebook post reads:

“I just kind of ended with every single year, we prepare for your kid,” said Kimmell.

We asked what the single most important takeaway that Kimmell wants people that read her post to have. She said, “Just have a positive mindset for parents, for teachers, and for kids. We’re going to have some things that we don’t love. So change that mindset and get ready to have a positive year because if you go in positive, then you will just take all of those changes in stride.”