AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Since May of 2021, Brick & Elm Magazine has been telling fulfilling and intimate stories from around the area that you don’t get to see on TV or hear on the radio.

The six issues published yearly feature articles about area businesses, non-profits, events and people around the Amarillo area.

Brick & Elm has quickly become a voice for lesser-known or unconventional stories in the city.

“One of the values that we have starts with the idea that there are stories to be told about Amarillo people in every neighborhood of Amarillo,” said Jason Boyett, co-founder and publisher of Brick & Elm magazine. “Those stories don’t always get told, because maybe they’re about people from a different socioeconomic level, people in a different sort of career.”

Boyett told that it’s about representing all sections of the community equally.

“Every time we publish an issue, I learn something more,” said Michele McAffrey, co-founder and publisher of Brick & Elm magazine. “I’ve lived here my whole life, and so the people that we interview that trust us with their stories, it’s – it’s always humbling, and it always feels so it just, it is a little bit life-changing every single time we publish.”

McAffrey said one of her favorite stories they’ve published is the story of Palo Duro High School graduate Lo Van Pham, who’s a Side Judge in the National Football League, and the first Asian-American NFL Official.

“When you spend time with somebody hearing their stories, and letting them talk to you like you, you become friends with them or you it’s – it’s an intimate sort of atmosphere, Boyett explained.

Letting the community tell its story, one issue at a time.

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