BORGER, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Be kind, it’s a simple a simple yet effective measure that the Borger High School student council wants to instill in fellow students.

“Not many times you see stuff like this, especially during a hard time like this,” said Cash Conaway, Borger High School Senior.

Conaway is referring to the recently-created acts of kindness board that he and the rest of the Borger High School student council have set up.

“Everybody is always going through something, so we just thought in a way that everyone needs a little pumping up and positivity in their lives,” said Tamara Driedger, Borger High School Senior.

“Everyone has a different life outside of school. A lot of kids come to school and they have a lot of problems that hopefully this board can change,” said Kristian Swindell, Borger High School Senior.

So how does it all work?

“Our bulletin has different envelopes and each envelope has different acts of kindness in it. So you can always take one out and you can read it and then you go through the process of reporting it. You can self report or you can watch somebody else do an act of kindness and it doesn’t necessarily have to be off the board,” said Driedger.

Some of the acts include giving somebody a hug, thanking a teacher or a positive, motivational social media post.

“We’re just trying to get everyone to tag along and maybe it could go on further,” said Swindell.

“I think it would be really cool just to start with the students and them looking out from themselves, out from their own lives and look and see what’s happening in their peer’s lives and their families and just the community’s lives,” said Anna Madden, Borger High School Senior.

They also hope for something more.

“Bring everyone together and maybe change some lives in the process,” said Conaway.

Right when they put the board up, two girls went up to it, opened an envelope and gave each other a hug.