AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Bell Amarillo and Cannon Air Force Base are teaming up to form the Nacelle Improvement Project, designed to improve the readiness, reliability and flight time of the CV-22 Osprey.

The Bell Amarillo/Cannon Air Force Base partnership began years ago, with Bell Amarillo being awarded the $81 million project in December 2020.

“What we’ve been able to do is garner their feedback specific to the CV-22,” said Sonja Clark, Bell Amarillo Site Leader. “To make enhancements to make the product a lot better, through the Nacelle Improvement Project.”

Just last week, Bell delivered the third Osprey from the project, slated to last through 2025.

But first things first, what’s a Nacelle?

“It’s what allows the aircraft to take off like a helicopter and rotate to fly like an airplane,” Clark said.

How much maintenance does it require?

“About 60% of the maintainability occurs in this particular area, the nacelle is actually where the bulk of the maintenance takes place for this particular aircraft,” Clark told KAMR.

The Nacelle Improvement Project is a game changer in flight operations and flight hours.

“We’re able to improve its readiness, the reliability, and we’re able to talk to the maintainers and the mechanics and get real time feedback,” Clark emphasized.

Kurt Fuller, V-22 Vice President and Program Director, told KAMR the Osprey’s logged over 650,000 flight hours to date.

While the project changes the game for flight ops, Bell Amarillo is a game changer for the community, both past and present.

“Bell Amarillo opened our doors in 1999 and we’ve produced over 400 MV-22’s, CV-22’s,” Clark added. “We have the technological advances that is truly changing the way the world flies, not just for the Texas, Oklahoma New Mexico region, but we’re truly changing lives and preserving freedom all across the globe.”