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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — It is a debilitating condition that can impact kids: Chronic headaches.

As the school year returns, local medical professionals want parents and teachers to be aware of chronic headaches and how to treat them.

“Your activities of daily living, social activities get affected. It can be extremely debilitating actually,” said Dr. Diana Lebron, Texas Tech Physicians Pediatrics Headache Specialist.

That is how Dr. Lebron describes how harsh migraines can be on not only adults but kids as well, describing it as much more than just a bad headache.

“There’s nausea and vomiting. These kids often have difficulty concentrating, staying on task, completing tasks and so homework gets affected, school life gets affected,” said Dr. Lebron.

Dr. Lebron said one of the biggest triggers in causing migraines is light noise and that there are two groups when it comes to those that suffer from the condition.

“There is this sub-set of kids that will complain about a headache that’s always there. It’s not always severe but they don’t have any headache-free days. Those kids do need to be seen by neurology because it’s not necessarily they have a tumor but they can have other issues that can be treated with physical therapy. The other group that’s equally important is the group that has the migraines that we talked about,” said Dr. Lebron.

When it comes to treating migraines, Dr. Lebron told us Tylenol and Motrin are often not enough.

“The FDA approved medications for six and above something called Maxalt, or Rizatriptan. That’s approved for kids who have migraines. 12 and above, there are also medications that are approved for kids with migraines,” said Dr. Lebron.

Dr. Lebron said if you have even the slightest hint that your child could be suffering from migraines, get them checked out because early detection is key.

“The quicker we address it, the better it is for the schools, for the child and their academic year,” said Dr. Lebron.

Dr. Lebron also said symptoms that toddlers and younger kids could display are getting car sick easily, vomiting, sleepwalking and talking, and stomach aches.

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