APD: Over Serving of alcohol becoming problem at local establishments

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It’s an issue that Amarillo Police have been dealing with recently. An issue that could have deadly consequences.

“We’ve had a lot of DWI accidents, we have a lot of fatal accidents where the people involved were over-served at a bar. You look back at video and you can see that they’re having a good time. They’re obviously intoxicated but the drinks still keep coming,” said Corporal Jeb Hilton.

The over-serving of alcohol, which is what Hilton says is when a bar employee sees a patron that is intoxicated, the law says they have to cut them off.

“What we’ve seen in the past is that a lot of our local establishments have not done that,” said Hilton.

The employees or even the bars themselves could face legal trouble for it.

“Bartenders, for over-serving can be charged with a misdemeanor or they could also be fined through TABC. If a bar is allowing somebody to over-serve, they could be fined and could lose their liquor license if they’re in trouble enough times for the same offense,” said Hilton.

Hilton says this will continue to be an issue unless those bar employees step up and take action.

“People are going out and having a good time, that’s great but if they’re not going to be calling for a ride themselves then we’re going to need these bar employees to step in and say you’ve had too much. You can’t drive like this or even calling them a ride. Something that makes our city safer.”

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