AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Even on extremely cold days like Thursday first responders are still out patrolling the streets. Amarillo Police Department Sergeant, Carla Burr, said that even during cold temperatures the officers are prepared and will continue to keep the community safe.

According to Burr to prepare for the cold the department supplies hats and gloves to keep the officers warm.

“The other thing they are encouraged to do when it’s this cold is to visit local businesses. Go inside, get a chance to get warm a little bit, but also let them know you are in the community,” Burr said. “Stay in their cars, you know this is a great opportunity to drive through the neighborhood. They can stay warm in their cars and if they see something they will be out there.”

She added that, in this weather, the officers will continue to patrol but the department encourages the officers to layer clothing when getting ready so they can stay warm. Burr talked about how the officers will still patrol on Thursday while still staying safe.

“They will be out there you will see the patrol cars. You will see the officers out and about. You might see them parked more today. Again, they are encouraged to stay out of the weather as the same as everyone else is,” Burr said. “So, they may be parking at different stores and taking a break to get inside and warm up.”

Burr said that APD officers have the knowledge of how to dress, drive and respond in severe weather.

“They’re going to be working the same shifts. We are going to have the right amount of officers out there for each shift. They are probably are just going to look like snow men in all black because they are all covered from head to toe,” Burr said. “So, they are out there and are here to answer the same calls we do when it’s a hundred degrees outside.”

Burr added that the few calls they receive during extreme weather can vary from accidents on the road to home and business alarm calls. Burr wanted to let the community know that regardless of the temperature the department is prepared and available to report to any calls that are made.