AMARILLO, Texas (KMAR/KCIT) — The Amarillo Police Department wanted to inform drivers that more cars are expected to be on the road so extra officers will be patrolling during Labor Day weekend.

According to an APD press release, officers will be looking out for seatbelt, speed, and alcohol-related violations.

APD said two programs including the selective traffic enforcement programs (STEP) and Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) granted funds from the Texas Department of Transportation that allows for extra officers to be patrolling over the weekend.

“Number one, slow down. Take plenty of time to get where you’re going and, you know, give everybody grace when you’re out there,” said APD Sgt. Carla Burr. “And then the other side of it is, just think about planning ahead. If you’re gonna go out, and you’re gonna have any drinks at all, plan for a sober ride. Think about it ahead of time. Don’t wait until you’re there.”

Sgt. Burr said last year, APD arrested 9 people for DWI over the three-day Labor Day weekend.

“Please don’t drink and drive. It’s just, there’s really no excuse for it anymore,” she said. “Just don’t do it. And slow down. Give each other some grace. Take your time. Let’s get where we’re going this weekend and have a Happy Labor Day.”

According to Sgt. Burr, officers will also be watching for distracted drivers, whether they are on their cellphones or are distracted by something else in the car that is causing them to drive wrecklessly.

She said because there are more officers patrolling, citations are more likely for people violating traffic laws.

“We really want people to know that we’re we’re doing this not to we’re not doing this to punish people,” Sgt. Burr added. “We’re doing this to protect people.”