AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The seasons are beginning to change and with that the community can begin to see an increase in pests and rodents. When the weather has a drastic change as seen in Amarillo, Bug Tech’s Director of Pest Operation, Michael Askew said they expect for bugs to begin to move in the homes.

“So that means that we are going to start seeing a lot of rodents moving indoors. They are going to start looking for food, shelter, places where it’s warm and we have had a lot of rodents this year. I know we kind of had a little bit of a drought so we were expecting that the numbers might be a little low. We have to remember that last year we had quite a bit of rain, so the food was abundant, so a lot of mice were having a lot of babies last year, so we are still dealing with that this year,” Askew added.

He said that wasps are also looking for a warm place to stay with the colder nights approaching. Attics and porch lights are the perfect area for wasps to come during those nights.

“Because your attic usually runs between 68 to 75 degrees which is a great place for wasp to be during the nighttime. We are also seeing other bugs move during this time. Especially with the weather changing as drastically as it did,” he said.

While the colder season can cause an increase in pests it is not the only factor. Trash and water sources can also lead to pest and rodents in your home.

“Water sources are a big deal. We fought a lot of cockroaches this year that’s because we had a lit bit of a drought this year. So, cockroaches have to have water to stay alive, they have to moisture to stay alive,” Askew added.

Askew said some ways to protect your homes from pest is exclusion and making sure there is not any openings in your home for pest to get into. Also making sure to put away outdoor water sources can prevent them from making their way into your home.