AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — AmTech Career Academy partnered with Optimum Business to inspire more young women to become entrepreneurs by hosting a female business owner on Thursday.

Optimum Business selected AmTech to host the WE are the Future event, WE standing for women entrepreneurs, which featured guest speaker April Harris.

Harris is the founder and CEO of Keeping You Sweet, a growing food brand making vegan and gluten-free cakes.

“I have mentors. Now, they all still give me information and they don’t have to, you know,” Harris said. “So, now I feel it’s my obligation to pay it forward. So whatever I learned, everybody can have it. Because I just feel it’s necessary, and just important.”

Harris flew in from New Jersey to speak to hundreds of young women at AmTech, sharing her story of success and struggles as she works to build the business into a national brand.

“They’re asking about, you know, wanting to start their own business and how they should do it. And my advice always is get in as soon as you can. So do internships. Learn the business that you want to be in and more importantly, follow your heart. Whatever you’re passionate about. That’s what you need to rock,” said Harris.

Harris’ speech was not just limited to AmTech students, though. Optimum Business said it was a national production live streamed to area schools.

Two juniors at AmTech who attended the lecture, Baylee “Cloud” Noble and Natalia Reyes, took what Harris said to heart.

“I like that she was able to come and talk to us today about what it was like for her starting a business and what inspired her to make a business,” said Noble. “It just, it really helps me like, love what I’m doing more. It helps me understand why I want to work with animals and why I want to own my own business.”

When asked about her biggest takeaway from what Harris said, Reyes replied, “Keep moving forward, because she did say there was a time when she wanted to quit. And I can understand that because we’ve been in some business-related things and it does seem very taxing, but also very rewarding, in the end.”

AmTech students who attended can also take part in a blog contest, writing essays for a chance to win prizes.