AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —  Tuesday evening, people here on the High Plains gathered in downtown Amarillo to protest the Supreme Court’s draft decision on overturning Roe V. Wade and to support women’s health.

This protest joined others across the nation at courthouses, city halls, and town squares.

Both men and women showed up in downtown Amarillo, in front of representative Ronny Jackson’s office in various shades of green to protest that draft decision.

Jami Lyons, a local activist, and organizer of the protest said the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned is like a punch in the gut.

“To have our entire country set back 50 years, it just blows my mind. What will follow after this is birth control, what can follow after this. The same logic that they are trying to use here can be used to advocate to ban all contraception, all across the board,” said Lyons.

Lyons said women are not equal until they can make decisions about their health.

“I will not be equal until I also have the right to pick my own healthcare. That’s it. I deserve those rights. My twelve-year-old deserves those rights. Like all the women behind you deserve those rights,” added Lyons.

Winston Curtis, a retired preacher said Roe v. Wade is a slippery slope both morally and legally.

“I believe when it comes to the question of life and the principles of life, I agree with our founding fathers. That every person is entitled to fundamental constitutional liberties. Where Roe has been so slippery and so wrong is the origin of life and the beginning of life, and I see that as something that needs to be corrected.”

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, the decision on abortion rights will fall back to the states. Curtis added this is the primary place where it should have been, to begin with.

“Every state needs to take a good thorough look and educational driven look at if they want to support such a thing in their state. I live in Texas and I think texas right now is primed to be a pro-life state,” said Curtis.

We also heard from soon-to-be State Senator Kevin Sparks on the Supreme Court’s draft decision, who told us in a statement:

“The leaking of the SCOTUS document is detrimental to our system of checks and balances as it endangers the integrity of the Supreme Court. The worry is that it will create a new precedent of leaks from the court, potentially subjecting them to the undue influence of outspoken opinion.”

Kevin Sparks

Lyons added if anyone wants to make sure their voices are heard on this matter, all they have to do is call their senators or representatives.