AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Members of the North Heights neighborhood turned out for a day of service to help beautify the Black Historical Culture Center Sunday.

“Our overall goal is that we want this to be a hub in the community, where people know they can go be safe, feel safe. Get information they need and be hooked into a lot of resources that are available in Amarillo. We envision having a mentorship program, cooking classes, and educating people in the community about people that went on before them,” said Melodie Graves, president of the Amarillo United Citizens Forum.

The Black Historical Culture Center has been in the North Heights neighborhood since 1992 and this weekend members of that neighborhood joined together to help clean and tidy up the center.

“We are going to be cleaning up our kitchen, we have a commercial kitchen. We have had people in the community that has offered to have cooking classes for the kids, we are going to be cleaning up some of the closets that are here. We have had people all week working on the outside. We are going to go to the house that is out front here and get it dusted,” added Graves.

One of the volunteers helping in the clean-up, Hobert ‘Gunny’ Brown said this weekend is not about sitting on the sidelines but helping in any way you can.

“With this being Martin Luther King weekend, service is what we should be focused on and that’s a part of paying back that service,” said Brown.

Brown said many people associate Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a day off, but really it’s a day of service to help your fellow man.

Graves said it’s important for the people in the North Heights neighborhood to reignite the fire within the building.

“This building means a lot to our community and because it means so much to our community, we need to be the ones taking care of it and facilitating the growth of this building,” said Graves

After the clean-up effort dinner was held for those that come out to volunteer.