AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — It’s no secret, inflation has affected every walk of life.

From the grocery store, to home buying, to travel, no matter if it’s by plane, train, or automobile.

So how has inflation affected Amarillo’s travel and tourism industry?

“What we did see though, is lighter traffic compared to last year,” said Kashion Smith, Executive Director of the Amarillo Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. “But last year was a huge year, we were hoping to keep that traffic coming through with the gas prices, and honestly I believe with with how hot we were this summer, those kind of factored in.”

Smith told us that while the traffic numbers decreased compared to 2021, the average amount of money people spend while they’re in town didn’t go down.

As time would have it, just like the leaves and mother nature, she explained traffic patterns tend to change from summer to fall.

“Summer we have a lot of tourism traffic that comes through, we really see a change in in the traffic over labor day. It slows down a little bit. But really it changes from that family traffic to the retired traffic. So we see more leisure come through like route 66, we see more flexibility in the stays,” she noted.

Smith told KAMR that Amarillo’s location gives it a unique advantage, which could help ease some financial pain.

“We’re an easy getaway. We’re a drivable market to a lot of Texans and Oklahoma and you know, New Mexicans, so we’re an easy trip where you can have a good time and maybe a little bit closer to home than what they would normally travel,” she said.

So, even on a bumpy economic road, a little High Plains getaway, is still on track.

For more information on the Amarillo Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, including a list of upcoming events, click here.