AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Laura Storrs, assistant city manager and chief financial officer of Amarillo said that although inflation continues to go up, reaching 8 to 9 percent, sales tax in Amarillo continues to keep pace with inflation.

“What that means is that our local economy is doing good. People are still spending dollars here and not just the same level as they did last year with price increases related to inflation, but they are actually currently spending more and keeping those sale tax dollars right here in Amarillo,” Storrs said.

Storrs added that this is a good thing because even with inflation going up the community continues to keep their money local and allow the local economy to keep growing.

“This is the first month of our budget and we did have a lower budget than what we received this month for sales tax so that’s a great thing. What that means is that we actually did increase our budget over the prior year for sales tax collections because we knew inflation was having some effects on the spending and sale collections here in the community. So, we did grow our budget related to sale tax, what that means is that we grow our budget we can grow some of the services that we are providing the community or add in things for the police department, fire department, street department,” she said.

She said when the sales tax collection comes in stronger than what was projected those are extra dollars that can be used for one-time projects.

“One of the big funding things that we were able to achieve with sale tax dollars this past year was funding a brand-new fire station kind of out in the medical district area. We are working on that currently,” said Storrs.

Storrs said in their current year budget a conservative number was added for sales tax knowing the insecurity of inflation and the economy to keep it sustainable for the community.