AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — According to court documents from the Amarillo division of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, an Amarillo resident was recently indicted for 10 counts related to possession and distribution of child pornography.

According to the indictment, filed Wednesday in Amarillo Federal Court, Jaden Marie Anderson was indicted for one count of “Possession of Child Pornography Involving a Prepubescent Minor” as well as nine counts of “Distribution of Child Pornography.”

This comes after Anderson was arrested by Amarillo Police in September 2021 for possession and distribution of child pornography. According to previous reports by, officials from the department’s Special Victims Unit were given a tip on Anderson’s alleged possession and distribution of child pornography and was found to be living in the 7000 block of Canyon Drive.

The indictment reads that Anderson allegedly possessed material on a tablet device, containing an image of child pornography that “involved a prepubescent minor and a minor who had not attained 12 years of age.” The other nine counts related to the alleged distribution of videos and photos of child pornography, the indictment said.

“…When the defendant distributed the item of child pornography, the defendant knew the item was and contained child pornography,” the indictment read.

The documents state that if Anderson is convicted of any of the charges in the indictment, she will be required to forfeit property related to the offense.