AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — As Thanksgiving approaches, many families are planning their trips around the state and the Amarillo Police Department recently warned drivers about the dangers of stopping in the roadway for any reason.

APD said that there is an increase in people asking for donations at intersections, along with an increase in pedestrians being hit by vehicles, and therefore the public should be mindful of the following:

  • It’s dangerous and illegal to stop in traffic to give money to pedestrians as this may impact the normal flow of traffic and cause an accident;
  • There are safe ways to provide donations to those in need including donating to agencies that work directly with those who need food or housing;
  • Giving money to local charities ensures that donations will go toward the services of those in need.

APD said that individuals can contact Community Development at 806-378-3098 or the Amarillo Police Public Information Office at 806-378-4257 for a list of nonprofits in Amarillo.

Additional information on nonprofit organizations can be found on