Amarillo man who attended violent protest shares what happened at the Capitol, and how it could have been avoided

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Thousands went to the Capitol to rally in support of President Trump, with hopes of keeping him in office.

“We got there and there was already hundreds of thousands of people it took us, no joke an hour in a half to walk through the crowd it was like a rock concert,” Charley Smith, protest attendant at the Capitol, explained.

One Amarillo man said the riot that broke out at the Capitol building is something he would have never imagined.

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“We do the rally everything’s cool and Trump even made a few remarks that they’ve got buildings boarded up downtown and he goes you know that’s not this crowd you know we don’t do stuff like that,” Smith stated.

After the crowd made their way to the Capitol, Smith and his wife took a break to eat when the chaos began.

“We saw it on the TV unfolding so we went back out and it was just like what you saw on TV I mean people bum rushing but there was no perimeter they didn’t have any perimeter set up,” Smith stated.

According to Smith, there were a few fences set up but that did not keep rioters from walking right through.

“The capitol of the United States I mean that should be like Fort Knox there’s no way not even in a third world country would I think people would be able to pull off what they did. You know, there was maybe like 20 policeman and there was you know 200,000 of us coming that way or 300,000 they were just way outnumbered,” Smith explained.

Smith stated that he stayed back contemplating why there was not a larger police presence.

“Whether it goes one way or the other one sides going to be mad so it doesn’t make any sense to me why there wasn’t more of a presence of law enforcement,” Smith said.

After seeing the chaos occur Smith and his wife made the decision to leave.

“Once we heard that there was people in there hunkered down, wearing gas masks, I don’t want to be no part of that.” Smith said while calling what happened an embarrassment.

“It’s un-American that’s America’s home,” Smith stated.

According to Smith, those forcefully entering the Capitol building and causing damage do not represent their cause.

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