This story has been corrected to say that Jakin Mashburn was having a sudden cardiac arrest.

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — February 8th is a day that’s forever sketched in Jakin Mashburn’s memory.

“That day I came home from school, somewhere in the afternoon, I decided to take a shower, and when I went into my bathroom, my mom was in her room down the hall,” said Mashburn, a recent AISD graduate. “She heard a thud, and came down the hallway, she saw me on the floor in my bathroom.”

Jakin was having a sudden cardiac arrest.

“She started performing CPR, she called 911. I had no pulse, or detectable heartbeat, and I wasn’t breathing,” he said.

Mashburn told us he has a heart condition known as Long QT Syndrome, and spent nine days in the hospital.

Thanks to the quick action of Amarillo Fire Department crews at Station 13, he’s still here to tell his story.

“They continued CPR, shocked me five times, and that’s when my heart started up again,” he said.

Fortunately, he got the chance to meet the men who saved his life,

Another cool thing? He graduated from Amarillo High School this week.

“It felt great, just knowing the experiences I’ve had leading up to that and getting to go to that ceremony with all my family and friends watching, that was a really great experience,” he said emphatically.

Mashburn credits God for saving his life, and has a pacemaker and an ICD to help regulate his condition.

His post graduation plans?

“I’m going to be a counselor at hidden falls ranch, and after that, I’m going to Dallas Baptist University and after that I’m going to study Biblical Studies to be a youth minister,” he said.