AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Amarillo Habitat for Humanity just completed its second home on SE 21st Avenue and has completed the foundation for the third home, and framing on that home will start this week.

Since 1981, Amarillo Habitat for Humanity has built 117 homes across the city of Amarillo.

“The way I look at it, the number of homes that we built or rehabbed those are actually better to look at it as 117 families who have become first-time homeowners and that is what we are in the business,” said Executive Director of Amarillo Habitat for Humanity Alason Moorhead.

Since the beginning, Habitat has completed two major neighborhoods in the city.

“The first one is in North Heights around Park Hills Elementary. We have several homes over there that we built in North Heights. When we completed that area, then we transitioned over to, around Glenwood Park, which is around our offices over here and this is a 25-home neighborhood,” said Moorhead.

Moorhead said that 80% of the time that Habitat receives land for new homes, it’s donated.

She said that not having to buy land allows them to focus funds on their direct programming.

“Donated land offsets costs so that we can focus just on the building instead of having to just buy the piece of land to just build on it,” said Moorhead.

Moorhead said when they are looking for land, they are looking for at least four lots together.

She said the reason for that is so there is a built-in community when those homeowners move in.

“We try to build communities where they know their neighbors. They are helping each other build each other’s homes and they have a built-in network when they move in,” said Moorhead.

She added they also take into account what amenities are close by in each neighborhood.

“We map out what is the nearest medical faculty, the nearest pharmacy, the nearest grocery store. But sometimes it comes down to what neighborhoods need revitalization,” said Moorhead.

Moorhead added that they want to go into neighborhoods that need homeownership, instead of renting.

Moorhead said the six properties in the current neighborhood were donated by the City of Amarillo. She added that they also have more properties in North Heights that they will be working on after finishing the properties on SE 21st Ave. Moorhead said that they also have 20 acres of undeveloped land in Eastridge that was donated by Rockrose Development, LLC.