AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — “When we think about health or oncology, we only think in a very technological operation,” said Dr. Leonardo Forero, Physician at Texas Oncology Cancer Center. “We forget the little, simple things we can do to improve the outcome of the patients.”

The simple, little things meaning what we put into our bodies on a daily basis to fuel, hydrate, and power us through the day.

“They’re individual meal preps that you can heat up various ways,” said Monti Smith, owner of Eighty-Twenty. “They consist of the anti-inflammatory diet. So, there’s no dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, legumes or rice in anything.”

Dr. Forero teamed up with local food and vegetable prep services Eighty-Twenty and Nuke City Veg to offer his patients and staff a more organic and healthy meal experience.

“It fits well with what his clients need,” said Danny Melius, Owner/Operator of Nuke City Veg. “It fits well with what his clients need. Fresh, whole produce, which doesn’t have pesticides sprayed all over them.”

Both displays have recently popped up in the foyer of Texas Oncology, with hopes of further expansion. As for fighting sickness and staying in optimal health, “We forget what is the best medication,” said Dr. Forero. “The best medication is your food. You are what you eat, and exercise.”

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