AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Officials with Amarillo College recently announced that the college’s Board of Regents approved a pay increase for all full-time faculty, along with full and part-time staff in 2023.

According to a news release from the college, officials also raised the college’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, which is expected to take effect for around 170 full and part-time employees at the college who are making less than $15 an hour up to the minimum wage in November.

Officials said the 3% pay increase will take place in January and will include all qualified employees, including those whose wages are being adjusted to the new minimum wage. The release said that funding for the pay increases will come from the college’s general fund.

The college’s Board of Regents also approved two additional compensation-related measures, one providing inflationary relief and the other providing a retention payment to staff members. According to the release, inflationary relief will be distributed in November, when full-time employees will receive $2,000 and part-time employees will receive $250. Retention payments, which will be distributed in June 2023, are for full-time faculty and staff who were employed by the college as of Aug. 20.

“We’re not only competing with other employers for new talent,” said Cheryl Jones, vice president of human resources, “but we also are being challenged to retain the outstanding workforce that we have. Through these payroll initiatives, approved by our Regents, we are paying attention to the struggles of our employees, and we are positioning the College to continue to be a great place to work. This demonstrates that the culture of caring at Amarillo College is not something we extend only to our students; It extends throughout our workforce as well.”

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