AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Amarillo Art Institute (AAI) is continuing its remodeling of the Arts in the Sunset center with “Project Sunset,” which is expected to officially open in mid-April.

The AAI announced plans to revive Sunset Market Town in December 2019 and began the process six months later.

AAI said that they keep the community updated about this project on the Project Sunset Facebook page. According to AAI Executive Director Rachel Flores, there is a lot of history of the Arts is in the Sunset within the community.

“So, this was actually a project that came out of the will of Ann Crouch. So, Ann Crouch, and her husband purchased this property back in the early 90s. After her husband passed away, Crouch created this art colony,” Flores said. “So, I got all my friends out here to have galleries, and I also started the Amarillo Art Institute, a co-op between artists. When Crouch passed away in 2017, plans kind of started with the idea of revitalizing the space, and making it more sustainable. So, her estate is actually a fully funded project.”

Flores said that “Arts in the Sunset” is made for artists and will do a lot for artists locally.

“I mean this place is so exciting, I think we are going to do a lot for the arts, the goal is to help artists in our community thrive. Have their art be seen, have their art be sold, and learn the art. It kind of fits no matter where you are at on the spectrum, so if you are starting as an artist and you want to learn there is a place to come,” she added. “So, we’re going to have a lot of different things. Of course, we’ll have a school where you can learn and a variety of media. Then we’ll have these working artists’ studios where artists can come out and work every day, producing great work. Then our public gallery will give them a place to have their artwork shown and sold.”

Flores says having spaces like “Art in the Sunset” is important for the community because it allows them to come together and enjoy art.

“So, art is it transcends language, it transcends backgrounds, socioeconomic status. People use art to communicate feelings to process grief and so obviously, it’s essential for that purpose,” she said.

AAI already began its soft opening for the building and began to start up its art classes. Individuals can stay updated on Project Sunset here.