AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — It’s better to give than it is to receive. That’s the backbone of the worldwide initiative “Giving Tuesday.”

“You know about Black Friday and you know about Cyber Monday. We thought it would be a good idea after two days of buying stuff to have a day about giving,” said Henry Timms, Giving Tuesday Founder & Lincoln Center President.

That day is known as Giving Tuesday.

Today kicks off Amarillo Area Foundation’s annual 9-day fundraising campaign for local non-profits.

It runs through Tuesday, Nov. 30.

“We’ve just been thrilled to see how well the campaign has gone over the years and we’re especially excited for this year,” said Timms.

Giving Tuesday has stretched all across the world including 100 different counties. Founder Henry Timms says the reason for its spread is because of local leaders and organizations coming together.

“That’s what’s been most exciting to see like Panhandle Gives, is 175 non-profits and organizations coming together to tell a story bigger than one organization. To tell a story about the community, about the culture of generosity in Texas and about the needs locally, which are a part of a bigger picture,” said Timms.

In just the United States alone, Giving Tuesday has raised over $2.5 billion for non-profits.

Timms says helping out non-profits this year is as important than ever.

“There’s more demands on non-profit communities because moments like these particularly non-profit community has to come and add even more to help support people through. I think it’s going to be a really important Giving Tuesday this year to encourage people to think this year as we enter the holiday season and we’re all going to want to celebrate especially this year and buy gifts for our friends and have moments with our families but especially this year,” said Timms.

For those that may be on the fence about helping out?

“Helping local organizations could not be more important but I think one thing about giving and generosity is that you’re going to do something good for the world. There’s no question. But you’re going to do something good for yourself. When you make a donation or you make a contribution, the feeling of goodwill, having done your part, having supported something more important. That feeling is so much more rewarding, I promise you than buying things,” said Timms.

Even though last year was a difficult year, the panhandle stepped up to raise more than $3.5 million for the Amarillo Area Foundation.