AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The city of Amarillo’s Animal Management & Welfare (AAMW) Department informed the Amarillo community Friday that the animal surrender ordinances and policies at AAMW have not changed.

AAMW reported that a recent social media post from a nonprofit organization “incorrectly stated that a change in a city ordinance went into effect May 9.” AAMW stated that its surrender policies, which explained that when an animal is surrendered, the owner can choose whether the animal will be eligible for adoption, have not changed.

Director of Amarillo’s Animal Management & Welfare Victoria Medley said historically, if any policy changes at AAMW, the shelter will send out a press release and post that change to the AAMW website.

She added if citizens have any questions regarding anything they see online or hear anything regarding changes to reach out.

“So for us, the only thing we can do is to make ourselves accessible and any of those who want to post any information, I would ask that they contact us and verify that is in fact true information. That is the best thing that they can do, that the City of Amarillo or Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare can do, when people are wanting to post things, is just please verify it before you do,” said Melody.

“We want Amarillo citizens to have true and accurate information so that they can make informed decisions regarding their pets,” said Medley. “Owners need to know what their options are when surrendering a pet to AAMW. Adoption is certainly one of those options. We encourage anyone interested in adopting a pet to go online or contact AAMW for all the necessary information on how to adopt.”

AAMW reminded the public that many animals are still available for adoption, including animals that have been surrendered by their owners.

The social media post in question has since been removed.

AAMW said currently they have 247 animals at the shelter.

Out of those 247, 48 animals at the shelter are owner-surrendered animals:

  • 33 dogs
  • 13 cats
  • two guinea pigs

AAMW added since March 26th. 55 of the animals that have been adopted out have been owner-surrendered animals.

More information on animals that are up for adoption including pictures and bios, as well as AAMW’s current daily report card and monthly statistics can be found on the AAMW website.