Amarillo among top 10 Texas cities for tacos

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Here's what we know about which of the Lone Star State's biggest cities serve up the best tacos

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – After LawnStarter crunched the numbers from 100 towns in preparation for National Taco Day on Oct. 4, Amarillo was reported among the Top 10 cities in Texas for the beloved Mexican street fare. Where did Amarillo rank, and who else made the list?

According to LawnStarter, 2021’s Best Texas Cities for Tacos:

  • #1 – Austin
  • #2 – Round Rock
  • #3 – Dallas
  • #4 – San Antonio
  • #5 – Houston
  • #6 – Cedar Park
  • #7 – San Marcos
  • #8 – Amarillo
  • #9 – Plano
  • #10 – Grand Prairie

Amarillo ranked eighth on the list, with credits from the yellow pages and trip advisory boards going to taco-centric locales such as Tacos Garcia, Tacos Guadalajara, and Yellow City Street Food.

“We looked for cities with wide taco access, National Taco Championships awards, high consumer ratings, and taco festivals.” said LawnStarter, “We even considered Google search volumes for “tacos” to gauge local taco love.”

What cities were the worst?

  • #91 – Temple
  • #92 – Weslaco
  • #93 – Harlingen
  • #94 – La Porte
  • #95 – Lancaster
  • #96 – Del Rio
  • #97 – Texas City
  • #98 – Midland
  • #99 – Edinburg
  • #100 – Huntsville

The full ranking and analysis can be found here, along with a fun Taco By the Numbers infographic.

What are the takeaways? According to LawnStarter:

Go Big or Go — Smaller?: Density tends to equate with demand and supply, and, for the most part, that bears out in our data: Texas’ four biggest cities are among our top five. After Austin at No. 1, Dallas lands at No. 3, San Antonio at No. 4, and Houston finishes in fifth place.

Amarillo (No. 8), Plano (No. 9), and Grand Prairie (No. 10) are also up there. These cities are all home to some iconic or trendy taco chains, such as Fuel City Tacos, based in Dallas, Velvet Taco, headquartered in Plano, and Taco Cabana which hails from San Antonio, la casa del puffy taco.

That makes Round Rock’s No. 2, Cedar Park’s No. 6, and San Marcos’ No. 7 showing all the more impressive. The first two of these smaller cities are Austin suburbs that earn top marks in Quality overall, while San Marcos rides high on its National Taco Championships accolades.

Keep Hunting in Huntsville: Here’s another reason the Execution Capital of the World might deserve its nickname: Huntsville came in dead last in our ranking of Best Taco Cities in Texas. You’d be hard-pressed to find top tacos here — unless they’re locked up. (Huntsville’s other, not-so-endearing nickname happens to be Prison City.)

Google Trends data for the city is near nada, a telling sign of super-low demand for tacos. It’s no surprise, then, that Huntsville performed poorly in nearly every metric. The city tied with Pearland in 97th place for consumer ratings and earned zero taco competition awards. Lucky for Huntsville’s residents, Houston (No. 5 overall) is just an hour’s drive away.

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