AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – Art exhibits can be found all over the country and now there is one more here in Amarillo.

Amarillo opens “The Simulated Universe Synchronicity” which has eight different rooms so there should be something for everyone.

“There is a narrative going throughout the whole space. Of course, each room is different but there is a singular narrative and there are a few separate offset narratives. It’s kind of like what you go through. You can enjoy the art, but you can also solve the mysteries of the place,” said Machelle Downs, Co-owner of Synchronicity.

The art exhibit opened on Jan. 20, with multiple art insulations in each of the eight rooms. A few of the insulations include a child’s room, a cafe, and a second passage through a bookcase. Co-owner of Synchronicity Holly Farrar added that everyone experiences the art exhibit differently and it’s something that everybody can enjoy.

“Some people are going to come in and they’re going to write on the typewriter. Some people are going to come in and play the games, or read the books, or even just look at the art and take pictures,” Farrar said. “Then for the people that do want to go in and look into the story it’s throughout the space. So, you really get to have fun and kind of follow a mystery.”

Five artists came together to build the art insulations for over a year, Farrar said the artist involved in creating the art exhibit saw it as a way to combine art with technology.

“Amarillo has a really cool background in art, and we kind of want to bring that back because it kind of dissipated a little bit, and we just want to make Amarillo really cool because it has the bones for that,” Downs said.

To visit The Simulated Universe Synchronicity, reservations must be made in advance and tickets are $22 for an hour.

Tickets can be bought from The Simulated Universe Synchronicity website.

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