A look at this year’s WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo makes a return to Amarillo this weekend for the 26th year.

“We’re proud to be in Amarillo. We’re proud to host this event,” said WRCA Association Manager, Leman Wall.

Wall said the event represents the culture of Amarillo.

“This is what we were founded on. This is what the Texas Panhandle is about heritage God, country, family. When you come to this event, you’re going to be immersed.”

Wall said the rodeo also generates a lot of money for our local economy.

“It produces over $6 million for the economic impact of our city,” said Wall. “So the economic impact, it brings the hotels, the meals that people are eating, the shopping, the taxes that they’re spending, that helps our economy.”

With all that the event brings to the civic center, Wall said he is hoping to see an opportunity for expansion at the facility.

“[We] want everybody know we’re dedicated to Amarillo. We’ve been here for 26 years. WRCA is not looking to leave. It is important for our growth, in our future, to see that this building does enhance and does bring new amenities to the event so that we can grow so that we can bring more people to town, increase that economic impact that exists,” said Wall.

He said he looks at expansion as a “continued opportunity.”

“I have full faith that the city of Amarillo, not for WRCA’s sake, but for the City of Amarillo’s sake, we’re gonna see the time is right for this building in this venue to expand and be able to be a venue in Amarillo that we’re going to be proud of for another 52 years,” said Wall. “We just want everybody to know that we are we’re here as long as there’s a real opportunity for this facility to see a future expansion.”

A big note for the rodeo for this year. It is the first time the WRCA will hold the Youth World Championship Ranch Rodeo. That is happening at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

“The excitement level has been awesome,” said Wall. “These kids … they’ve been watching their moms or dads, their brothers and sisters, do this and now it’s their turn. So we’re very excited for that opportunity.”

There is still plenty of time to make it out to all of the events at this year’s rodeo. Some bad news though. Saturday night’s rodeo is sold out. The only other chances to grab a seat are on Sunday.

For a full schedule of events for Saturday and Sunday, and to buy tickets for the rodeo, click here.

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