AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Panhandle Gives started its seventh annual campaign on Monday and has raised over 50% of its goal as of Nov.24.

The organization is helping non-profits in the Panhandle raise money, by spearheading nine days of giving.

“The Panhandle gives is just to elevate philanthropy across the Texas Panhandle,” said Broc Carter, Director of Marketing for Panhandle Gives. “Our mission at the Amarillo area foundation is to improve the quality of life of Texas Panhandle residents. That is done through the work of nonprofit organizations.”

This year there are 214 registered organizations. The individual non-profits will receive all of the money they raise and have the opportunity to have the money amplified.

“All of the profits go to those nonprofits. So if someone wants to give to a specific nonprofit, they will get that money. The money is amplified through sponsorships.”

Each organization that raises at least $250 during the campaign will receive a percentage match based on the amplification fund.

“So lets say an organization of all the giving they received 5% of all giving, they will receive five percent of the amplification fund, stated Carter.”

Xcel Energy is one of this year’s corporate sponsors that helps to make the amplification fund possible.

“Xcel Energy serves over 90 cities within the Texas panhandle,” said Terry Price from Xcel Energy. “It just makes sense for us to help. That’s one way that we can help so many of us very small communities in the Texas panhandle. There’s organizations out there that we may not even know about until they registered it for Panhandle Gives and so we’re able to help those small communities and those small organizations this way.”

In total there are 21 corporate sponsors for the 2022 Panhandle Gives campaign.

If you are looking to donate to a non-profit in the Panhandle Gives Campaign, there are two options. The first option is donating online, directly to an organization.

The second option is taking a check to one of the three participating banks that include, Amarillo National Bank, Happy State Bank and First Bank Southwest. When you drop off a check to the bank specify which organization it is or and that it is part of the Panhandle Gives Campaign.