AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Two Amarillo residents were federally indicted Thursday after being arrested for a series of incidents that occurred this month.

According to court documents, Christopher Stephen Brown, also known as Madrikh Obadiah, was indicted for two counts of interstate threatening communications after a pair of threatening phone calls Brown allegedly made to the Chabad Lubavitch organization, a Jewish organization that provides spiritual guidance and assistance to Jewish people.

In these calls, Brown allegedly threatened members of the organization, threatening to kill members of the Beth-Din, a Jewish rabbinical court, and calling for death to all Jews, according to previous reports by Under the pseudonym Madrikh Obidiah on a YouTube channel, Brown allegedly also called for the death of the Chabad Lubavitch chairman, the vice-chairman and the founder’s son.

Rebekah Jones was also indicted Thursday for one count of assaulting a federal officer using a deadly or dangerous weapon, according to court documents. This alleged incident occurred when law enforcement officials came to Brown’s apartment to arrest him.

According to previous reports by, Brown initially resisted being put in handcuffs and Jones locked arms with Brown to pull him into the bedroom of the apartment. As agents were attempting to put handcuffs on Brown, Jones allegedly pointed a gun at an FBI agent, who then grabbed the gun and attempted to point it in a safe direction. The agent was then able to free the gun.

Brown faces up to five years in federal prison and Jones faces up to 20 years in federal prison on the charges, according to previous reports.