A Plainview man revealed his new smile to family, friends and his new friends from Amarillo Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Center Wednesday afternoon. 

Rudolph Ebeling, 70, is an Army Veteran, serving in the Vietnam War from 1968-1969. 

Ebeling admits he has had a lot of problems with his teeth. He said he has had implants and dentures, starting back in 1990. Ebeling said some solutions work well for a few years, while others have not worked at all. 

Recently, Ebeling had laser surgery on his gums and a doctor from Lubbock sent him to Dr. William Graves and Dr. Paul Wilkinson for a second opinion. 

Dr. Wilkinson said they could help but Ebeling was afraid he could not cover the costs of the procedure, about $50,000. The doctors told Ebeling they would do the work for free. 

The procedure started earlier Wednesday morning and by the afternoon, Ebeling was attempting, through numb lips, to flash his pearly whites at all his new friends. 

“There’s no way I can show the true appreciation that I feel,” Ebeling said.”I mean this is beyond just being friendship, this is beyond that. This is family.”

A camera crew from Proven Entertainment was also at the reveal. They are filming a pilot for new show the doctors will try to shop around to networks and streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu. 

A producer for the show said the focus will be on the doctors and the work they do in their Smile Again program, highlighting the journey their patients go from before to after their procedure. 

Ebeling said he was a little nervous to be on camera. Dr. Wilkinson said he also was not used to all the attention. 

We asked Dr. Wilkinson for the name of the show, but he said he would not reveal that detail just yet. 

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