An Amarillo coalition of downtown churches is joining forces this week to serve the community.

First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Central Church of Christ and Polk Street United Methodist Church are hosting block parties at local elementary schools.

The block parties consist of catered lunch, games, and group bible studies.

The block parties are held at San Jacinto & Margaret Wills Elementary Schools every day this week through Thursday.

The four churches partnering together are calling themselves “4Amarillo”.

Orlando Lopez with First Presbyterian Church says the four downtown churches have decided to put aside differences and use unity to have a positive impact on the community.

4Amarillo is also helping repaint walls in apartments recently acquired by Downtown Women’s Center. The painting is also happening every day this week.

Jason Littlefield is a father with children participating in the program. “it’s unbelievable,” Littlefield says. “You don’t get very many people like that and it’s amazing how many people are out there, that are here today that are willing to reach out, and it really helps you out and it kinda touches you on another level knowing that there’s somebody out there.”

The block parties are going on from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. every day through Thursday, and Lopez says that anyone is welcome to come.