Local Businessman Helping Feed the Homeless

AMARILLO - A kind gesture was meant to be anonymous, but thanks to social media it is getting harder to hide from your good deeds.

A Facebook post in Amarillo goes viral when a woman who works to help the homeless in our community witnesses a good deed.

Now, restaurant owner Victor Leal is being heralded as a hero to the homeless.

This is something Leal said he did not want to go public, but in the age of the world wide web, when you do something good or bad, people are going to notice. 

Lacy Albonico said she was eating at Leal's restaurant Tuesday when she saw a man she did not know offer to buy a homeless man a meal.

Little did she know, that unknown man was the owner, Victor Leal.

Albonico said she and others in her party were going to pay for the homeless man's meal, but was almost reduced to tears when she witnessed the good deed.

"He had told the man anytime you want to eat or come in here, the meal's on me.  He was like okay, the guy was really thankful for everything," said Albonico.

While this may be something new for Lacy to witness, it is not really new for Leal.

He said it is his restaurant's policy to help those in need, and not by simply giving them a meal and sending them on their way.

"I ask them to come in because I want them for just a little bit of time in their life, they feel ashamed, they feel broken. I just want for 30 or 45 minutes to feel they're human again," said Leal.

He said, for the most part, it has gone unnoticed and that is the way he likes it.

Even though Albonico and Leal say they've never met before, they have a lot in common.

Albonico helps the homeless in our community. So now the two are talking about doing more.

Leal is planning an event next month to feed the homeless.

It will be held at his restaurant on Sunday, December 10.

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