Live Blog: Congressional District 13 Debate


Winegarner and Jackson asked about shutting down the economy if cases continue to rise:
Both agree that another shutdown would not be beneficial.

Winegarner and Jackson asked about how they’d respond to a pandemic if elected to represent the district:
Winegarner alleges that Ronny Jackson works for or receives money from a Chinese company, Jackson retaliates by asking why they aren’t talking about their plans for the district but attacking him instead.

Winegarner and Jackson asked about police reform:
Jackson claims that the Democrats on Capitol Hill don’t really want police reform and says this isn’t about the death of George Floyd anymore. He says the killing of Floyd was a terrible thing but is a strong supporter of the police.
Winegarner says the last thing we need to do is defund the police and put more resources into police departments. He says in all professions there are bad actors, and that they need to weed out the bad actors.
Jackson: “We have lost our moral compass…” says there is a whole group of young people who don’t want to live in this country.

On the topic of racial equality:
Jackson: “We have to treat each other like brothers and sisters…we need to step up to the plate. We don’t have to take sides, we’re all one America, one team.”
Winegarner: “We are Americans, we are Texans…”

Winegarner believes we should not pull down historical statues because they are a part of our history, he says we should talk about the good the bad and the ugly and teach our children about that history.
Jackson believes we are trying to rewrite history by tearing down the statues, he says Democrats are inviting immigrants over to America, immigrants who don’t care about our country.
Jackson says there are parts of history that should not be repeated.

On the topic of mail-in ballots:
Jackson believes that mail-in ballots should be reserved for people who can’t get out to vote.
Jackson was asked as a doctor if he condones people going out to vote in person, he says yes because polling places will use precautions.

On getting the endorsement of President Trump:
Jackson: “He usually does not get involved in the primaries but he did…I got the President’s endorsement because of the trust and confidence of the President.”

On what the district can do to recover from Covid-19:
Winegarner: “we can reduce the regulatory burden that has been placed on us by the federal government…”
Jackson: “…we should get people back to work.”

Asked what they hope to bring to Congress that will differentiate one from the other:
Jackson says he has the relationships built with lawmakers and lobbyists, cabinet secretaries and spoke about his influence in Congress.
Winegarner says during his time in Washington D.C. he learned that you have to listen to and work for the beliefs of your constituents and not your own.

Asked about agriculture and how they’d help the industry out if elected:
Jackson says he wants to serve on an agriculture committee if elected and work with special interest groups and lobbyists as well as those in the district to tell him what the issues are.
Winegarner says that agriculture, small business and oil are the back bone of the district and that he wants to reduce the amount of burden put on agriculture, labor and tax issues.

Democrat Debate Begins

Gus Trujillo and Greg Sagan asked what they would do differently about the Covid-19 response:
Sagan says he would go to the CDC and figure out how much expertise was left after people were fired and do research to find a path forward. Sagan says that President Trump handled the pandemic miserably.
Trujillo says he thinks the Trump administration made a mistake when they abolished the pandemic response team and not following the guidelines that the Obama administration left.

Both candidates were asked if they would support shutting down the country again:
Trujillo says had the state waited longer to reopen and had more time to shelter in place that we could have had control of the virus. He says in the future the country might need to be shut down again only allowing essential workers to be out while protecting the elderly and those who are at risk of the virus.
Sagan agreed with Trujillo saying if that’s what’s necessary to stop the spread of the virus it should be done.

Candidates were asked about their stance on defunding the police:
Sagan:”I certainly am not in favor of the word defunding the police, but I do think that the police enjoy certain advantages of their position…”
Trujillo:”…what we’ve seen at least in Amarillo is a lot of community policing that seems to be working. There’s bad actors that make everyone else look bad but there are really good cops that are still in law enforcement…”

Asked about their plans to address and improve racial equality if elected:
Sagan says we need to amp down the voices of hatred saying we have the world’s loudest cheerleader right now leading the attack on hatred.
Trujillo says we need to have more minorities in Congress who can then create police reform to include banning chokeholds.

Sagan was asked about allegations by his former sister-in-law that he molested her as a child.
He said that denying those allegations means he remembered what happened that summer.
He says that he had an emotional breakdown during that time and started drinking heavily but went through 14 years of counseling to “forget a whole lot of things that happened during my first marriage that summer being one of them.”
Sagan says his former relative only raised the allegations now (40 years later) as a political distortion.

When asked about how they would convince a Conservative district to vote for Democratic candidates:
Sagan “this isn’t a conservative district, this is a non-voting district” he claims in the past two congressional elections that only about 30% of the registered voters cast a ballot.
Trujillo “I feel like someone who has worked on both sides and has worked with the Congressman to see the good that’s done but also disagree with him on certain things, I think that person should be someone who can go to congress and represent not only democrats but republicans as well.”

Both candidates were asked about what their goals would be if they were elected:
Sagan: his first priority would be healthcare, and he would like to serve on committees dealing with agriculture and the military.
Trujillo: his first priority would be to rebuild the economy, he would want to serve on agriculture and House Armed Services committees.

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