Life Challenge of Amarillo Help Men Get Over Addiction


A local nonprofit organization called Life Challenge of Amarillo is helping men get over addiction by using Bible-based principles.

On Saturday, Feb. 3, three men completed the program.

The program is helping to change lives by helping men going through drug and alcohol addiction start over.  

Daniel Spitler, the executive director of Life Challenge, stated, “To have three guys get baptized today, that’s a pretty big deal and that’s why we do what we do.” 

Life Challenge is a residential program that keeps addicts going through recovery in a house, and if they leave they must be accompanied by a staff member. This is just one of many stipulations. 

Spitler explained, “One of our principles of relapse prevention is that the students, our graduates have to be plugged into a church.”

Becoming a part of a church is not the only requirement, the recovering addicts also have to say goodbye to the habits that may have caused their addiction.

The participants are encouraged to create an environment around themselves that will give them the best chance to succeed.

“Our goal at life challenge is to have men 18 and over become productive members of society,” Spitler explained. 

Travis Bennett, the Associate Pastor at Arena of Life Church, said it takes people coming together to help those in need.  

“They’re taking some steps just like a lot of us in here,” Bennett explained. “Iron sharpens iron. We need people in our life, we can’t do life alone. We need other people to help us through it.” 

The goal of Life Challenge is to not only help the men who have addictions but to hopefully help their families recover as well from the impacts that drug and alcohol abuse often have. 

The program usually lasts up to 12 months and Spitler said that as of right now they have a 76% success rate. 

Life Challenge is affiliated with another local program, Team Challenge, which has been around for 60 years. 

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