Letter From Retirement Home:”Rude To Speak Spanish”


A Texas woman gets a stunning letter from her retirement community telling her it’s unacceptable to speak Spanish in public areas.

She says the order came from the director of her senior citizen complex, which is run by the Salvation Army.

When Katherine Hernandez moved into a Salvation Army Senior Citizen Retirement Complex, she never thought she would have to fight to feel equal.

Katherine Hernandez says, “The thing is shes taking away my rights.”

She told me about a letter she received this week from the Director of the complex.

Her daughter couldn’t believe it when she read it.

Paula Hernandez says, “The United States of America is an English-speaking country and those who come to the United States or are born here should learn to speak the language.”

Hernandez says she was the only person to receive this letter basically stating that it was rude to sit in the lobby and speak Spanish and this is grossly unfair and it needs to change.

Katherine Hernandez says, “I’m paying out of my social security money for this? I can’t even speak my language? No, that’s not right.”

Hernandez says there are many unfair situations happening at the complex, but most of the residents, who are Hispanic, are too afraid to speak out.

Katherine Hernandez says, “I have never excluded a person that walks in. This is my native language, you know? And I love my Spanish. It’s like telling a person that goes to Mexico, no no, I don’t want you speaking English.”

This, however, she says this was the last straw so she called the media.

We reached out to the Salvation Army and was told the incident is now being investigated and that “The Salvation Army of Greater Houston is committed to making sure those we serve feel welcome and meeting the needs of the community without discrimination”

Katherine Hernandez says, “This is our last years. This is gonna be my last home and if I have to fight for what’s left for the rest of my life. I don’t want want to live like this.”

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