Let’s Talk Amarillo Tackling Hard Issues


Teens and families can find support when it comes to tackling hard issues thanks to a local group, Let’s Talk Amarillo. 

Estella Martinez wanted to create a safe place to have hard conversations.

“My youngest daughter was battling suicide, she had gone through some attempts of suicide and after all of the Pavilion, and doctors and the counseling and all of that, I was sitting in the living room and thought there’s got to be more we can do for these kiddos,” said Martinez. 

Martinez and some friends originally created Girl Talk, a place where teen girls could talk about things like suicide, bullying, dating and family problems.

It has since grown to include anyone who needs a place to go and a helpful ear.

“A  lot of kids don’t want to talk to their parents about particular things and it is easier to talk about those difficult subjects with somebody else, somebody they see as a mentor, somebody that is going to empower and encourage them and give them good advice,” said Angelica Olivas. 

Savannah Gallegos says Let’s Talk Amarillo is helpful for not only her but other teens who may feel alone with their struggles.

“When I was going through all of that, I kind of felt alone, the Pavilion was kind of there for me but I didn’t know anybody there, I mean I did make friends and stuff  but it makes me feel better they are going not going to be alone in it and they are going to have people that can help them,” added Gallegos. 

Let’s Talk Amarillo meets every Friday night at Power Church in Amarillo.

For details on their events, click here

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