Lefors ISD Works With Students in Raising Money for Playground Trees

LEFORS - It's an opportunity for students to improve their school.

Lefors ISD is small enough that students K-12 are on the same campus and have classes in only two different buildings. This means they work together to keep their school in good condition.

But it was the second graders who brainstormed how to make the playground better...And some of their ideas were out of this world. 

Ashley Miller, a 2nd-grade teacher at Lefors says, "They got ideas from spaceships and rocket ships."

But not all their ideas were so high tech.

Miller says, "Normal plants and maybe a vegetable garden, some flowers and trees. Trees seemed like it was the best idea."

The idea was the easy part, but making it happen, that's tougher. 

"We're trying to raise in the ballpark of $1200," says Miller. "That will get us two well-established trees and that will actually get the company in Pampa to come dig the hole and plant them for us."

The district isn't only innovating the playground, The way they're raising the money is new for them, too. It's the first time the school district has crowd-sourced a project. 

Kelley Porter, the Lefors ISD principal says, "They wanted to go ahead and put it on our Facebook page, just to see what happens. We weren't sure what would happen, with the They asked if they could do that and we decided we would try it and see."

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