A lawsuit is filed against the late Stanley Marsh 3’s wife, son and a couple of others, alleging they were well aware of human trafficking taking place and said nothing.

Attorney Chad Pinkerton says they’ve had a lawsuit on file for about a year an a half, and now, they’ve added to it.

Pinker says,  “We filed a new petition that alleged human trafficking in the new lawsuit.”

Pinkerton says his nine clients, who were between 15 and 17 at the time, would  be solicited to come to Marsh 3’s home or his office and Marsh 3 would pay money for sexual favors.

“Those people are equally responsible.  My job is to expose those people and show the community in Amarillo the actual truth, ” says Pinkerton.

Those people Pinkerton is referring to are Marsh 3’s wife, son, longtime friend David Weir and former employee Drew Mason.

The court documents allege they engaged in child human trafficking and received gifts and several other benefits.

Pinkerton says, “The people around Mr. Marsh were assisting him or turning a blind eye to these activities, and several of these co-conspirators benefited financially during the course of this conspiracy.

Pinkerton says what his clients have been through has had a serious effect on them and he says now it’s time to expose the people that could have put a stop to it.

“The most important part of this is to expose the truth and expose all those parties that are involved, the people that stood by and did nothing.  The people that assisted this process are equally responsible to Stanley Marsh 3,”  he says.

We reached out to Amarillo Police and all they are able to tell us is none of the people named in the release have been arrested for any criminal act.

We spoke to the attorney for the Marsh’s and they gave this statement in part…

“The allegations against Wendy Marsh and her son are absurd and outrageous. As we stand by them in their defense, we are confident that the truth will refute these libelous assertions.
The attorney for David L. Weir says this…

“We are shocked and angry about these false and outrageous accusations.  Mr. Weir was an employee of Mr. Marsh for many years but plaintiffs’ accusations against him are groundless.”