Laser-based test could be next step in identifying melanoma


New laser-based testing could revolutionize the way we monitor, detect and treat melanoma.

As of now, doctors do not have a good way to detect circulating tumor cells in the human body and in order to identify melanoma, doctor’s need to draw blood.

A researcher from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences along with his team has been developing an alternative to blood draws A laser-based system designed to screen patients’ blood from the outside, spotting tumor cells as they pass through veins in the arm.

In this study, the researchers found that the system detected circulating tumor cells in 27 of 28 patients with late-stage melanoma, in just 10 seconds.

And no false alarms were generated when used to screen 19 healthy volunteers.

The findings are an early step and melanoma experts said much more research is needed, though the results are promising.

The study was published in “science translational medicine.”

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