One of the state’s main witnesses takes the stand in the Jeremy Spielbauer murder trial, today.

Katie Phipps was originally arrested, indicted, and jailed for the 2014 murder of Robin Spielbauer

On the stand today, Phipps described a tumultuous relationship with Jeremy Spielbauer which led to a stay at the Pavilion and eventually accusations of murder.

Katie Phipps described a stormy relationship between the time she married Jeremy Spielbauer in November of 2013, culminating in her arrest for murder just five months later.

Three days before her arrest, she claims Jeremy told her he “took care of the problem.”

Phipps spent hours on the stand explaining the days and weeks leading to the death of Jeremy’s ex-wife Robin Spielbauer.

She told the jury she suspected Jeremy was having an affair with Robin shortly after she and Jeremy had married.

She allegedly found some flirtatious comments between the two on Facebook.

As tensions continued to rise, she spent the evening of Robin’s murder at a friends house, suspecting that Jeremy was meeting Robin.    

Her suspicions only grew the next day while investigating where he was the night before.

Katie said she first suspected Robin had been murdered while watching news reports of the day her body was found.

Robin’s name had not been released yet, but Katie and others recognized Robin’s SUV in the video.

Later that day Phipps was questioned, and three days later she was arrested for capital murder.

The defense just began their cross-examination about an hour ago and will likely continue into tomorrow.

The DA showed texts between Katie and Jeremy on the night of the murder. They said things like, “You started this, I’ll finish it,” and “I won’t make you carry this burden anymore.”

Katie portrayed those messages as her giving up on the marriage and that she is walking away, meaning divorce.

Phipps spent 466 days in jail before she was eventually exonerated.

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