KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police are urging the community to send tips on the triple shooting that killed one-year-old Tyron Payton.

So far, police said they’ve received only one tip.

“If there’s one person, then there should be 10,” KCPD Sgt. Jake Becchina said. “You know, by the end of the day, that’s my challenge. I mean we got one, then let’s get 10, and then tomorrow let’s get 100.”

The person or persons who killed Tyron are still free. The little boy was in a car with his parents and an unidentified person when someone shot at them.

“The community needs to be upset about this, and they very well should be,” Becchina said.

Becchina is urging the community to speak out so an arrest can be made.

“If you’re hearing something, there’s at least one person walking around free right now that knows about this,” he said.

Right now, the car Tyron and his family were in is being used for evidence, but Becchina said tips can lead to a quicker arrest.

“That’s why someone calling and telling us who is responsible is way more effective and efficient than processing through all that,” Becchina said. “We’ll do all that, but right now somebody is walking around in our city that did this, and they don’t need to be.”

He wants to remind the community that calling the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477 is anonymous.

“Literally, they do not ask your name,” Becchina said. “They give you a number when you submit your tip. You can then take that number and follow up and see if it was helpful. If it was, they tell you how to go to bank and get your cash money.”