Juneteenth Parade in Amarillo


The holiday, also known as Juneteenth, commemorates the June 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the state of Texas.

People gathered and celebrated an early Juneteenth on Saturday, June 15, a day of happiness, unity and freedom.

“Today is a day of freedom. We’re represented as a family, friends, it’s a time to gather and get along,” Tyeisha Mcclenvon, a participant, said.

Many took part in the parade tossing candy and treats to those watching. After the parade, several gathered at the park to simply enjoy each other’s company.  

Local businesses took part in the parade. Some people road in the parade with classic cars, floats and even motorcycles. 

“It’s good to see people together and showing love towards each other. We need to keep doing that every day,” Camille Vowman, a participant, stated.

On June 19th, 1865, the freedom of slaves from the Confederate states was announced. Now, that day is celebrated as a way to say thank you for the past sacrifices made so that today, everyone can be free.

“When you look around you have people you don’t see every day, but on this day, on this weekend, everyone comes together to have a good time,” Dustin Mccree, a participant, stated.

The parade and festivities have a special meaning to everyone. 

“Juneteenth to me is just coming together and celebrating unity,” Curtis Johnson, a participant, explained.

After the parade, cookouts were held at the park where people were able to socialize and as one participant said, to enjoy the three ‘F’s: family, food, and fun.

The parade started at United Citizens Forum and ended at the Bones Hooks Park.

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