Jule and Helen Minium Family Scholarship Created to Give Financial Assistance and Motivation to Stud

Jule and Helen Minium recently created a scholarship to help WT students as they were once helped when they were in school at WT. The Jule and Helen Minium Family Scholarship will award two scholarships each year, one to a student majoring in accounting and one to a student-athlete pursuing a degree in the School of Business.
Jule and Helen are both originally from Aztec, New Mexico, where they attended Aztec High School. They went on to attend WT before getting married in May of 1973. After a year of school, they no longer had the resources to pay out-of-state tuition for both of them, so they moved back to Aztec to work.
Dr. James B. Davis, head of the WT Accounting Department at that time, kept in touch with Jule, encouraging him to return and finish his degree. He let Jule know about an accounting scholarship that had been created.
“It was only for $100 a semester, but it would waive the out of state fees for the recipient,” explained Jule. “I was fortunate enough to receive it, so we moved back to Canyon. I received a BA Degree in Accounting in the summer of 1975.”
Helen also returned to WT and earned her degree in Elementary Education in 1979. Jump ahead over 40 years from then to 2016, and Jule and Helen have enjoyed a long and happy marriage and life in Canyon. They credit the encouragement and support they received at WT with giving them the foundation to go on to successful careers.
Originally, the Miniums were planning to award the scholarship to an accounting student, but over the years they have attended and enjoyed so many WT athletic events that they decided to try to also assist student-athletes. With the help of Tim Bynum, from the WT Foundation, and Michael McBroom, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, they developed the criteria for the scholarship.
“Jule and Helen are kind and loyal fans who understand the lasting legacy and impact that endowed scholarships can provide for the foundation of an athletic program,” said Michael McBroom. “They are special people to me, to our coaching staff and certainly to our student-athletes, and we are extremely grateful for their gift. The Minium scholarship will provide future Buffs and Lady Buffs the opportunity to compete for WT while getting a first-class education.”
Jule and Helen hope to assist future students in a similar way that they were assisted during their college years.
“This year, as I approach retirement, and we have raised our own family, it just seemed like the right time to do it,” said Jule.
Jule and Helen hope that the scholarship will provide a number of accounting and business students who are also student-athletes with a little extra financial assistance, and maybe even some motivation, to complete their degrees. Without the help that they received, Jule isn’t sure that their degrees would have happened.
“We support WT because my accounting degree, and Helen’s degree in elementary education, are what have allowed us to raise our family and to help get them set up to do the same for their families,” said Jule. “Without WT, our family tree would look a lot different.”
After graduation, Jule went to work for Brown, Graham, & Co., P.C. and has worked there since August 1975. Over the years, he has supported WT athletics in so many ways, serving on the board of the Cager Club (a support organization for the Men’s basketball program back in the 1980s) and serving on the Board of the Buffalo Club for more than 20 years. He was the president from 2003-2008. 
Although Jule wasn’t an athlete on the collegiate level, he said that playing sports taught him life lessons that he has used throughout his career—lessons about being a team player and recognizing that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. The Miniums have also seen how much time and effort student-athletes devote to their sports as well as to their academics.
“We feel strongly about paying back and helping students succeed,” said Helen. “We want to assist student-athletes who are working hard for their team while also working toward a difficult degree.”
The Miniums have three children, Michael, Stephanie, and Mark, and nine grandchildren. 
“We are hopeful that in our own small way, we can help some students, and their future families, realize their goals,” said Jule.
WT is grateful to the Miniums for their generous support.

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