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PARSIPPANY, N.J. (WDHN) — Move aside Colton Underwood, a new bachelor is making moves to plant the seeds of love and reap the harvest.

That’s right, Jolly Green Giant is looking to put down some roots and has taken to to find his soulmate.

Some of his qualifications include:

  • Education: Harvest Business School
  • Body Type: Like Lettuce, he’s shredded
  • Employment: Chief Vegetable Officer

The Giant also is known for being a “renowned philanthropist, marathon runner, and Guinness World Records™ title holder for creating the largest serving of green bean casserole.”

He’s also into healthy living, writing that his favorite drink is “Water. Lots of water.”

Now, if you’re wondering why a fictional character has an official dating profile, it’s actually a part of a partnership between Green Giant® and Anyone who enrolls on Valentine’s Day will get a free one-week premium membership for anyone who uses the code “GreenGiant.”

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