The murder-for-hire case involving an Amarillo man gets more complex.

Police are looking at the ties between Billy Ivy, Jr. and a man killed by police over the weekend.

Billy Joe Elmore was fatally shot by police Friday night during a SWAT standoff in northwest Amarillo.

At the time, the Special Crimes Unit was investigating Elmore’s ties to Ivy.

Elmore’s death leaves a lot of unanswered questions in the murder-for-hire case against Billy Ivy, Jr.

Investigators told us the two met on several occasions since both were released from jail, including the day of Ivy’s last arrest on Thursday.

Police say Ivy and Elmore met over the summer while both were in the Randall County Jail.

They were both released from jail within a week of each other, Ivy on the 15th of July, and Elmore on the 19th.

Special Crimes detectives say Ivy and Elmore met several times while they were both out of jail.

Elmore has an extensive criminal history including charges of assault, burglary, and arson.

A local bond company put up the $75,000 bond for Elmore’s release, but it is unknown who paid the 10% from Elmore’s end.

That is something police will likely look at as the murder-for-hire case against Ivy continues.

Elmore was already on investigators’ radar when Ivy was arrested last Thursday.

In fact, Officer Jeb Hilton told us Elmore and Ivy met that same day.

“They found out had met with Ivy and had made contact with a person Billy Ivy had planned on getting killed,” said Officer Hilton.

Police have contacted the people on the alleged hit list.

We spoke with one of those people but because the investigation is still ongoing, did not want to come forward and speak out, so as not to jeopardize the investigation.

Ivy remains behind bars on a $10 million bond for his latest arrest.

The feds have filed a motion to revoke Ivy’s federal bond.
He was released from federal custody in July while awaiting sentencing on a weapons conviction.
Ivy pleaded guilty to that charge and will be sentenced next month.
He faces up to 10 years in prison for that conviction.