Billy Ivy, Jr. will serve nearly 3 1/2 years in federal prison for possession of an illegal weapon.

Ivy was sentenced Monday, nearly six months after pleading guilty to the single charge.

Ivy’s attorneys asked the judge to allow the sentence to run concurrently with any sentence he may receive on state charges currently making their way through the court system.

The judge refused that request, saying his sentence would not be influenced by other charges in other courts.

Ivy was also fined $25,000.

The judge recommended Ivy serve his sentence at the Seagoville federal penitentiary southeast of Dallas.

As part of his sentencing, he also will be given treatment for his back and for drugs and alcohol.

Upon release from prison, Ivy will serve three years supervised release.

He may be released from federal custody before his legal troubles are complete.

Ivy is still facing five charges of attempted capital murder while remuneration as well as arson, conspiracy and tampering with a witness charges.

Ivy’s attorney Dan Hurley told the judge it could take years before the state charges are resolved.

Ivy and eight others are charged in connection with murder-for-hire cases in both Potter and Randall counties.

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Ivy will be transferred to the Seagoville Unit as soon as possible, but he likely will be transported back to the Panhandle for court appearances on the state charges.